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Spartan Financial Group is committed to one thing for our customers: the bottom line!

When it comes to investing, you have many choices. Spartan Financial Group offers...



Great Returns from Ethical Principles

We want to earn your trust and build a lifelong relationship by maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity and professionalism. These core values are not just words — they are beliefs we strive to live out each day of our lives.


A Guaranteed Investment Return

Spartan Financial Group currently offers a single investment opportunity:

  •  7.0% APR for all funds over $25,000
  • 7.5 % APR for all funds over $25,000 for active Military, Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.


    New Referral Rewards

    When you refer a new customer, you will receive a 0.5% reward of their total deposited amount.

    Thanks for being a part of the family! 

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    We'll do the heavy lifting. You enjoy a guaranteed return.

    Take a look at how it works. 


    Spartan Financial Group pools investor funds and loans cash to small businesses that are waiting on payment from Fortune 500 companies.

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    Spartan Financial Group signs a contract with the Fortune 500 company directly, ensuring timely payment at an 11% interest rate.

    We then pay out 7% to investors,1.5% to representatives, and .5% to referrers. 


    We work. You gain.

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    We want to see you thrive

    At Spartan Financial Group, we take great pride in helping educate our
    customers in sound investment principles that cannot be found elsewhere.